Pride Professional Tees 69mm Large Pack


Pride Professional Tees 69mm Large Pack

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Pride Professional Tee System ProLength

  • 69mm Wooden Tees
  • Approx 100 tees
  • For drivers under 360cc
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These wooden Pride Professional Golf Tees ensure you can tee up the right way. Utilising a colour-coded Pride Professional Golf Tee System, it’s easy to achieve the correct height for your drives based on your selected golf club and with a bold colour bar, achieving a consistent set up couldn’t be simpler.

Choose from:

Red Shortee Tees 53mm (2-1/8” long)
Yellow ProLength Tees  69mm (2-¾” long)
Blue ProLength-Plus Tees 83mm (3-¼” long)
Green ProLength-Max Green Tees  102mm (4” long)

Pride Professional Golf Tees Features

  • Colour Bar Ensures Consistent Set Up
  • 4 Different Tee Lengths to Elevate Ball Based on Selected Club
  • Colour Code for Easy Identification of Tee Size
  • Most Used Tees On PGA Tour

Pride Professional Tee System

Pride Golf Tees are the most used tees on the PGA Tour thanks to their simple, yet highly effective design featuring a colour-code for easy identification of tee size and a colour bar to ensure consistent set up each time you tee your golf ball.